Social Story: I Can Go To The Grocery Store!

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Social Stories




Grocery shopping can be an overwhelming experience for young children. Use this social story to help prepare them for the grocery trip, and to let them know about some of the things they can expect. It also covers some basic etiquette about the products you can find at the store.

Find 8 different versions of the story in the file download that shows both girls and boys illustrations of four different ethnicities!

Some parts of the story:

  1. Before going to a grocery store, _______ and I will make a list of the things we need. We need __, __, and __.
  2. When we get to the grocery store, we will grab a basket or cart to put our groceries in.
  3. I can find fruit in the produce section, snacks in the snack section, and __ in the __ section! We will use our grocery list to find everything that we need.

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