Social Story: I Can Go Trick-Or-Treating!

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Use this social story to help your client or child learn how to go trick-or-treating. Halloween is a super fun holiday for kids, but can be confusing or stressful if they’re not sure what to expect. This story will prepare your client or child to have a fun and stress-free trick-or-treating experience. This social story includes 8 versions of the same story, but with illustrations that show different genders and ethnicities.

Some parts of the story:

  1. My name is ______ and I am ____ years old.
  2. Halloween is coming up! I will get to wear a fun costume and go trick-or-treating. This year, I’m going to dress up as _______. 
  3. When I go trick-or-treating, I will knock on peoples’ doors. Sometimes they don’t answer, and that’s okay. I can go to the next house!

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