Social Story: I Can Stay Calm During the Fire Alarm!

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Fire alarms can be a very intense sensory experience that can be difficult for some children. This social story will prepare your child with the steps of what to do during the event of a fire alarm going off at school, and offer affirmation for the feelings they may have about the situation. This social story includes 8 versions of the same story that covers girl and boy illustrations of 4 different ethnicities. It can also be customized for the needs of your child.

Some parts of the story:

  1. The fire alarm means that there might be a fire in the building. When it goes off, everyone needs to leave the school and go outside!
  2. Most of the time, the fire alarm will go off when there isn’t a fire. This is called a fire drill, and it’s important to do them so that we know how to be safe. 
  3. When I hear the fire alarm, I will stop what I’m doing and listen to my teacher.

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