Social Story: I Can Talk About My Feelings!

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Social Stories




For those of you who have kiddos who don’t often talk about their feelings, this is the social story for you! This social story will help your kiddos understand what each feeling is and give them ways to talk about what they are feeling.

The feelings covered are happy, sad, mad, nervous, and scared.

Some text from the story:

  • My name is __ and I am __ years old!

  • I am fun, smart, and kind! I love __ (toy) and __ (toy)!

  • I have a lot of feelings! Sometimes I feel happy, sad, mad, nervous, or scared. It’s okay to feel different feelings!

  • I might feel happy when I get a new toy or when a friend asks me to play!

  • When I feel happy, I can use my words and say, “I feel happy!” I can also…


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