Social Story: I Can Wear a Band Aid!

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I Can Wear a Band-Aid! is a social story to help your client or child understand why and when to wear a band-aid. This social story will help the families go through this process at ease.

You can customize the social story by adding the name and age of your child, and by including or excluding certain pages to fit the needs and age of the child. This story includes 3 girl versions and 3 boy versions to be used with a wide variety of children.

“My name is __ and I am __ years old.
Sometimes when I forget to be careful, I can get hurt.

When my skin says “ouch!” I need to put a band-and on it.
First, I am going to take one band-aid out of a box.” (some text from the story)

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    Was a cute book that I used in combination with the book All Better to a student overcome his fear of bandaids.

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