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Help your client to track their speech therapy progress with this collection of charts and rating scales!

This material helps clients to take charge of their own speech practice and hold themselves accountable for working hard. Give these resources to parents to help their child track home-practice, and use them as checkpoints at speech therapy sessions.


What’s Included?

  • Speech Therapy Homework Log: This chart has spaces for the date, description of homework, days practiced, and a parent signature.
  • Articulation Progress Chart: Write your client’s name, target sound, and level (sound, word, phrase, etc.) and track articulation progress throughout the week with percentages.
  • Articulation Rating Scale: Have your client or child record how well they made their sound. This scale ranges from 1 (Try again) to 5 (Perfect).
  • Bullseye: Have your client point to how well they made their sound! Did they hit the mark or miss the target

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