Taking Your Child to the Dentist: A Parent’s Guide

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This is a great all-around resource for parents and caregivers to help prepare the child and the dentist for a dental visit.

This guide offers helpful tips, tricks and information to use prior to the appointment as well as regulation strategies, adaptations, and environmental modifications while at the dentist. It also provides video and sound links to prepare the child for the dentist, as well as resources for dental clinics in and around the Chicago, IL area.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Importance of Oral Health
  2. Prepare your Dentist
  3. Prepare Your Child
  4. Managing Common Behaviors
  5. Video Links of Dentist Sound Effects, Various Songs and Fun Videos
  6. Adaptations/Environmental Modifications in the Dental Clinic
  7. Resources to Dental Clinics Around the Chicago Area


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