Two-Step Directions: Action Game

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Occupational Therapy, Activities, Gross Motor, Speech Therapy, Activities, Language




TMV’s Two-Step Directions Action Game is great for targeting a variety of skills. Advance your kiddo’s gross motor skills while practicing two-step directions. This activity features an interactive board game with a variety of fun actions for your client or child to complete.

This material is perfect for both clinical use as well as home-practice!

How to Use?

  • Print out the game board and dice template.
    • Print on heavy carstock or laminate for durability.
  • Assemble the die together, and encourage your client to roll the die twice.
    • OR, print two copies of the dice template and roll both at once.
  • Identify what numbers he or she landed on.
  • Find the numbers on the game board and perform the actions listed!


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