Two-Step Directions and Prepositions: Spring Activity

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Spring Into Language is a one-of-a-kind activity that can be used to target both expressive use and receptive understanding of prepositions in addition to following two-step directions.

With only 4 icons to print and cut-out, this activity makes for easy prep that can be done in a flash!

Begin by printing out the image of a spring-time landscape. Attach pieces of velcro to various spots on the image and to the back of the bee, bird, butterfly, and worm. Your client will be asked to demonstrate an understanding of two-step directions and prepositions by appropriately placing the icons on various spots around the landscape.

Prepositions Targeted:

  • On
  • In
  • Above
  • Under
  • Next to

(Feel free to add prepositions as you see appropriate!)


  1. 5 out of 5

    This activity is adorable! It does a great job of targeting prepositions by using a fun spring themed background! I like how the objects in the picture can be moved around different places but still create a functional activity for every kiddo!

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