What Can We Wear? Target Clothing Articles, Body Parts, WH- Questions, and more!

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Speech Therapy, Activities, Language, Social Communication




TMV’s activity “What Can We Wear?” is an interactive, play-based tool to help children understand both what is functional, and what is appropriate for different scenarios. This adaptable product can be used to target not only clothing articles, but also body parts, WH- questions, utterance length, modifiers, possessive ‘s, pronouns, and more!

What’s Included?

  • 4 unique character “base templates”
  • Outfits and related items for the following activities:
    • Exercise (pg. 1-3)
    • Summer (pg. 4-6)
    • Birthday Party (pg. 7-9)
    • Camping (pg. 10-12)
    • Halloween (pg. 13-16)
    • Bedtime (pg. 17-19)
    • Rain (pg. 20-21)
    • School (pg. 22-23)
    • Sports (pg. 24-25)
    • Travel (pg. 26-28)
    • Winter (pg. 29-31)

How to Prepare and Use?

  • Print activity on heavy cardstock or laminate for long-term use.
  • Choose a character “base template” and cut out following the dotted lines.
  • Cut out the clothing articles and themed items for each activity referring to the dotted lines.
  • Ask your client or child to dress the character for a certain scenario. For example, “What can she wear if she is going on a trip?”. 
  • Modify the directives to accomplish your desired target. 


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