Wildlife Adventure Packet: Target Expressive and Receptive Language Goals

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This packet provides 40 pages of 4 fun and interactive materials for SLPs to target their clients’ expressive and receptive language goals.

Activity 1: Sequencing
This activity targets expressive and receptive language skills by prompting clients to correctly put in order the steps for completing a task. The goal is to measure the client’s understanding of “First, next, and last” concepts while also measuring accuracy of syntactic structure when expressively retelling steps.

Activity 2: Multi-Step Directions
This activity targets receptive language skills by using the blank wildlife adventure scenes on pages 12-14 and animal, clothing, and food pictures to give the client directions for manipulating pictures and objects on the wildlife picture scenes.

Activity 3: Vocabulary Naming, Describing, and Categorizing
This activity targets receptive and expressive and receptive language skills by having clients name or identify named items or described items. Items are then sorted into categories to measure understanding of the item’s group.

Activity 4: Hide and Seek Prepositions
This activity targets expressive language skills by asking clients to say “where” animals are located with the goal of measuring the client’s ability to answer using the correct preposition or spatial concept.

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