Zones of Regulation: Spring Themed

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Speech Therapy, Activities, Behavior Management
Seasonal Activities, Spring



Mr. Rabbit needs help sorting his emotion carrots into their proper baskets!

This activity includes the following colored baskets:

Red – (Mad, Mean, Yelling)

Yellow – (Silly, Worried, Excited)

Green – (Happy, Calm, Focused)

Blue – (Sad, Sick, Bored)

How to Use?

First, print and cut out emotion carrots and baskets. Then, encourage your client to sort each emotion into its designated basket.

Preparation Time

-About 20 minutes

Why Use?

Zones of regulation activities help children develop self-regulation and problem-solving skills. As children explore various zones, a therapist can expose them to strategies that help them navigate difficult emotions.


  1. 5 out of 5

    This activity is a basket of fun! It does a great job of targeting zones of regulation by using a fun spring themed character/background! I like how each child can creativity explore different zones by helping Mr. Rabbit sort his emotion carrots. I think this is a great way help children develop self-regulation and problem-solving skills!

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