Counting Adventures in Space 1-10

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Space Themed, English



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This activity is designed to engage children in a space-themed counting adven- ture while strengthening their counting skills and familiarity with the numbers 1-10. Young learners will practice their counting skills by counting the number of items in each of the fifteen exciting space themed scene filled with various space-related objects.

What’s Included:

  • Space themed prompts for numbers 1-10.
  • 5 bonus prompts at the end of the activity for placing stickers/ cutouts on the page.
  • Pages with cut-outs

How to use:

  • Print out the pages or open the file on a tablet device.
  • Cut the pages 1-5 in half if preferred.
  • Answer the prompts on pages 1-5.
  • For pages 6-10, fill in the number your choice in the blank, and have the child place stickers/toys/cut-outs or even draw on the page.

This activity has been created with NASA’s Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN). NASA’s SCaN program has antennas around the world and satellites in space to help guide and exchange important information for all of NASA’s spaceflight missions. Space communication is critical to every NASA mission, as scientists, engineers, mission controllers, and astronauts depend on the reliable exchange of data between satellites in space and facilities on the ground.


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