Therapists Say...

I love all the resources! My students love them and great for teletherapy!
These materials really gave me a jumping off point for teletherapy. Life saving!
Melissa S
This site has great resources, especially social stories! I love how each social story comes with multiple main characters to try to reach a more diverse population. Totally recommend it and I can't wait to check out more of their stuff!
Dana P
Just what I was looking for! Creating my own material takes forever and Therapy Material Vault has saved me so much time! The materials are awesome and perfect for my lessons and clients!
Michelle H
I work with special kids, and I download material from the website and use it with my clients; colors are beautiful and very lovely images my little kids love.
Kristy A
I stumbled upon Therapy Materials Vault when surfing the net for engaging, versatile online therapy materials that I can utilize in my therapy sessions. TMV has easily become my go-to resource when I need high quality, motivating materials that I can customize for my diverse clientele. Amidst this pandemic, I have been particularly grateful for TMV pulling through in taking my virtual care to the next level and can't wait to use these materials in person. I look forward to being a longtime customer. TMV offers wonderful customer service and encourages feedback and suggestions on what materials to devise in the future, which is fantastic!
Diana E
I came across Therapy Member's Vault on Facebook when looking for some new OT resources. I am an occupational therapist working with pediatrics this saved my life and so much of my time. The resources are well-designed materials, affordable, and beautifully designed products. I downloaded many of the materials to support my children and the families I work with. This website saves me so much time when planning my sessions for my kids. I shared my resources with the parents and they loved it while working with their children at home. I will definitely be using and buying more materials from Therapy Materials Vault. They are amazing. I recommend it to anyone that is looking for well designed, affordable materials. Thank you for the amazing resource so glad to have it.
Chandni P
TMV has been super helpful in helping prep for therapy sessions, finding resources and ideas to share with parents for home carryover, and getting new ideas for therapy myself! All of the materials are super cute and applicable for my clients and their goals.
Maggie C

Parents Say...

These materials are helpful for ANYONE! I am homeschooling my son and I was going to do this before Covid anyway. There are techniques and resources that are so helpful, such as the cards and activities. We love them! I have about 15 sets now and will always turn back to these resources for more. I am recommending them to everyone! This is a no-regrets-investment, totally worth it! Print on cardstock at home!
Gabriela S
The TMV materials are great, very easy to use and self explanatory, perfect for parents that want to implement AAC at home.
Mario F
As a special needs mom and pediatric therapist I am so grateful for these resources! The Social Stories were exactly what I needed to help my confused and overwhelmed kiddos during COVID19!
Julianne N
Wonderful materials for students on the autism spectrum. Easy to implement right away and wonderful quality as well! My students fully appreciated the social stories and spot on graphics/visuals to support.
Kate J
I work with special needs children in multiple environments, and supplies are very important in this field. The downloaded materials I received from Therapy Materials Vault is extremely helpful. I have only been using some of these materials for a short period of time and I have already noticed an increase of skill acquisition and a decrease in maladaptive behaviors. I highly recommend their materials!
Khyla N
Really pleased with the content that I received over the last month. I work with early learners (ages 4-8) and the stimuli is high quality and has already been implemented with great success with several of my clients. Very grateful for these products!
Juliana M