Therapy Materials Vault SCaN
Therapy Materials Vault SCaN

Therapy Materials Vault x NASA Space Communications and Navigation

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... there was a team of therapists who were lucky enough to get in contact with some wonderful folks at NASA's Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN).

Our shared passion of educational materials launched us into an exciting partnership - SCaN provided the stellar space knowledge, and TMV provided the therapeutic approach.

The end result? A brand new series of space communications themed therapy materials - The very first of its kind!

And this mission isn’t over yet. TMV will be working with SCaN for the foreseeable future to create several more series of these galactic therapy materials. All of the materials will be available for free! So check back frequently for new resources that are out of this world!

About SCaN

Space communication is critical to every NASA mission. Scientists, engineers, mission controllers, and astronauts depend on the reliable exchange of data between satellites in space and facilities on the ground. Space Communications and Navigation (SCaN) serves as the Program Office for all of NASA’s space communications activities. SCaN manages and directs the ground-based facilities and services provided by the Deep Space Network (DSN) and the Near Space Network (NSN).

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