Jackson Loves His Family (Short Story on Siblings with Cerebral Palsy)

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Physical Therapy, Short Story




This is a printable short story for siblings with cerebral palsy.

Jackson has a little sister named Mia, and she has cerebral palsy. Jackson loves his sister, but sometimes he has complicated feelings because of how her disability affects his family. However, Jackson remembers that even though he can feel frustrated sometimes, he loves his family and doesn’t want them to change. This book’s purpose is to create a positive outlook on their sibling’s condition, as well as affirm the feelings that they may have about their family.

Some parts of the story:

“Jackson loves his family…
Mia has cerebral palsy, which is a condition that makes someone’s muscles weaker, and sometimes makes it harder to learn things like other kids.

Jackson loves his sister, but sometimes her cerebral palsy creates frustrating feelings.
His parents spend a lot of time with her, and sometimes Jackson can feel left out or forgotten.

His family is unique, and he wouldn’t want them any other way!”

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