Sensory Diet Starter Kit

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What’s Included

Help your kiddo become as self-sufficient as possible with this customizable sensory diet! This tool is designed to help facilitate a child’s ability to identify his or her body’s sensory state and select a strategy to help achieve an optimal state of arousal in times of dysregulation. This tool is great for kiddos who are over-responsive or under-responsive to their environment.

How to Use?

You the customizable “I Feel” and “I Can” boards to help your child build independence with self-regulation strategies when they feel dysregulated in his or her environment. The boards have customizable icons that you can Velcro to the boards to show strategies your child can use when they feel dysregulated due to being over-responsive or under-responsive in his or her environment.

How to Prepare?

  1. Print “I Feel” and “I Can” boards
  2. Print associated icons and cut individually.
  3. (OPTIONAL): Attach Velcro pieces to blank square on “I Feel” and “I Can” boards
  4. (OPTIONAL): Attach Velcro pieces to the backs of the individual icons.
  5. (OPTIONAL): For increased ease of storage, attach long Velcro strips to the back of “I Feel” and “I Can” boards. Adhere individual icons to these boards for storage or place in zippered baggie for storage.
  6. Encourage your kiddo to identify their sensory state and select regulation strategies for improved self-sufficiency and self-awareness!


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