Gross Motor Dice: Animal Parade!

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Occupational Therapy, Activities, Gross Motor




This product features templates for 2 unique yoga dice and 2 unique movement dice to target both static gross motor activities as well as dynamic movements. Both help children refine balance, endurance, muscular strength, and motor planning in a fun and interactive way. Choose what skill you want to target with the activity, and have fun! 

What’s Included?

  • 2 Yoga Dice construction templates
  • 2 Dynamic Movement Dice construction templates
    • One die containing 1 step directions
    • One die containing 2 step directions
  • Upgrade activities:
    • Tally sheet – have children record rolls with pre-writing shapes (lines, circles, crosses..) or with letters or numbers to work on writing skills. 
    • Dice key – use this activity with a regular game die for practice with counting skills
    • Cutting activity – have child cut out the die for practice with cutting along a line

How to Use?

Two ways to play!

  1. Construct the dice using the provided templates and roll them for a spontaneous static and/or dynamic gross motor movement to complete
  2. Use a regular die plus the provided Dice Key to generate movements without constructing the paper dice


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