Practice Prepositions and Following Directions: Winter Activity

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Let’s Build A Snowman is the perfect winter-time activity for targeting expressive use and receptive understanding of prepositions in addition to following two-step directions.

With only 11 icons to cut-out, this item is quick, simple, and fun to use the whole day long!

Arrange the parts of the snowman in a random order. Use the instruction sheets found within this material to prompt your client to practice prepositions and two-step directions.

There are two instruction sheets found within this material that vary based on level of difficulty. The first sheet features two-step directions in a “First – Then” format that clearly outlines each step of building the snowman. The second sheet features two-step directions accompanied by prepositions such as “before” and “after” that require a higher level of cognitive understanding (e.g., “Before you put the hat on the snowman’s head, put the snowman’s body together.”)

This activity requires your client to have knowledge of early concepts such as shapes (e.g., circles) and body parts (e.g., arms).

Prepositions Targeted:

  • On
  • Under
  • Below
  • Above
  • Before
  • After
  • Next to
  • Around


  1. 5 out of 5

    I loved this winter themed activity! I liked how this activity was able to target all of the prepositions!

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