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These silly sentence dice are perfect for targeting a variety of skills in your speech or occupational therapy session! Target fine and visual motor skills when constructing the dice templates. Then, once the dice are ready, the child will roll the dice and write down the sentences to address expressive language, sentence-building, and parts of speech! For a NO PRINT option, additional dice keys are included that can be used with ordinary game dice.

What’s Included?

Silly Sentence Dice templates and dice keys for the following levels:

  • Level 1 dice: 1 noun die, and 1 past tense verb die
    • e.g., “The clown laughed.”
  • Level 2 dice: 1 noun die, and 1 complex verb die
    • e.g., “The penguin made the cheetah laugh.”
  • Level 3 dice: 1 adjective die, 1 noun die, and 1 complex verb die
    • e.g., “A small boy galloped around the room.”


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