Visual Syllable Webs: Middle Developing Sounds

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Speech Therapy, Activities, Articulation




Visual syllable webs can be a helpful tool for teaching CV or VC syllables. This collection includes webs for the middle developing sounds including T, K, G, F, V, and J. Helpful graphics accompany each consonant and vowel sound to offer a visual understanding of each syllable. These single pages are simple to use in therapy sessions and to send home with caretakers for further practice!

What’s Included?

  • Visual syllable webs for the middle developing sounds (T, K, G, F, V, and J) with the following 6 vowel sounds:
    • ah (as in hot)
    • ee (as in eat)
    • oh (as in go)
    • oo (as in too)
    • ay (as in day)
    • eye (as in bye)
  • Customizable web including vowels for adding an alternate consonant sound.
  • Blank syllable web for filling in your own desired consonant and vowel sounds.


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