Alphabet Gross Motor Exercises

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Occupational Therapy, Activities, Fine Motor, Gross Motor




These exercises are perfect for working on multiple goals in your OT session and easily adaptable for a variety of ages and abilities! This activity features two levels and 52 exercise suggestions for letters A through Z with detailed pose descriptions and graphics. Two formats are included for a variety of ways to use this material: double sided flashcards as well as “cheat sheets” for therapist or parent reference. This resource also offers even more suggestions for incorporating handwriting and fine motor skills into these exercises!

What’s Included?

  • Two list formatted cheat sheets and 52 double sided flashcards that feature…
    • 26 A to Z Beginner / Intermediate Exercises 
      • Including Arm circles, Butterfly pose, and Crab walks
    • 26 A to Z Advanced Exercises 
      • Including Dancer pose, Elephant trunk swings, and Frog Jumps 

Each letter features a detailed description and image for the corresponding pose or exercise


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