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Occupational Therapy, Activities, Gross Motor




This Bedtime Yoga flow is the perfect tool to help children (and family members!) to feel calm and collected before bedtime! This resource features 10 poses that can be done in isolation or in succession as a full yoga flow. Using this resource allows you to target gross motor skills, body awareness, calm-down strategies, self-regulation skills, and mindfulness. This material is perfect for home-use, but can be easily adapted for therapy sessions!

What’s Included?

  • 10 yoga cards with accompanying graphics and descriptions
  • A single chart with poses, graphics, and descriptions as a “cheat sheet” for clinicians or parents
  • Bedtime Yoga Flow visuals
    • 9 poses, beginning with Rainbow Breath
    • 9 poses, beginning with Dandelion Breath
  • Customizable Yoga Flow visual templates for downgrading the flow using fewer poses
    • 3 pose template
    • 5 pose template
    • 7 pose template 


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