Get the Crown to King Snowman Board Game

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Speech Therapy, Activities, Articulation, Language




Uh oh! While taking a walk through Winter Land, King Snowman lost his crown!
Bring King Snowman’s crown back to him by practicing “sh” at the word level across all positions and/or regular/irregular past tense verbs. Start by picking a card from the deck. Encourage your client to practice “sh” words or fill-in the appropriate verb. If he or she produces the correct response, move to the color that was on the card you practiced!
The first person to bring their crown back to King Snowman wins!
What’s Included?
  • Instruction sheet
  • Winterland game board
  • Game cards targeting /sh/ at the word level in initial, medial, final, and mixed position(s)
  • Game cards targeting regular and irregular past tense verbs


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