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ABA Therapy, Handouts & Parent Resources, Occupational Therapy, Special Education




This handout includes general information on what interoception is, therapist resources on interoception, parent handouts, and interoception activities that can be used in therapy sessions.

What’s Included:

  • What is interoception
    • General information on the topic of interoception; can be used by therapists to educate themselves on the topic.
  • How to incorporate interoception into your sessions
    • How therapists can incorporate interoception into their own sessions with their clients; includes some ideas of activities that can help facilitate and teach interoception. This section is for therapists.
  • Parent handout on interoception awareness
    • Resources on interoception for parents. Explains the topic of interoception and offers activities and helpful language that can help encourage interoception at home for their child.
  • Additional resources for parents and therapists
    • This section includes videos and books for either parents, therapists, or kids.
  • Additional resources/handouts
    • Additional resources that therapists can use for a variety of interoception activities. Includes a couple of worksheets that can be printed out and used to work on interoception during sessions.
  • Encourage introception at home! handout
    • A simple handout for parents to print out and keep somewhere at home to reference to help encourage children to listen to their interoceptive cues.

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