Perspective-Taking Collection: Pete and Penny the Perspective Detectives

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Speech Therapy, Activities, Social Communication



This bundle includes Pete the Perspective Detective and Penny the Perspective Detective. These are two engaging materials that allow children to practice identifying the perspectives of others. Clinicians may choose to use either Pete or Penny in individual, small, or large group settings.

When combined, this material features 48 social scenarios that help children identify how others feel and potential solutions to those feelings.

The pages of this material are broken into half-sheets with a social scenario on top and the opportunity to think about each character’s feelings on the bottom. Clinicians may use the lines below each magnifying glass to encourage written bullet points expressing each character’s feelings. This material is also perfect for engaging in back-and-forth conversation about each situation and why characters feel the way they do.

This activity is also accompanied by helpful visual images that outline how a child can use whole-body listening to better understand the thoughts and feelings of others.

You can also purchase Penny the Perspective Detective and Pete the Perspective Detective separately.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    This is such a wonderful resource! There are endless learning opportunities with every lesson for all ages! The graphics are also perfect, making it easy for students to identify (receptively or expressively) during a group lesson or individual work!

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