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Speech Therapy, Activities, Language




Teach your child different prefixes and suffixes with this fun train visual! This resource challenges your kiddo to construct different words with over 200 combinations to choose from!

What’s Included:

  • 39 Prefix/Suffix Cards
  • 50 Root Words
  • Train Base
  • Prefix/Suffix Definition Cheat Sheet
  • Possible word combinations (about 100 examples)

Prefix/Suffix Cards:
Prefixes: anti-. de-, dis-, en-, ex-, il-, im-, in-, mid-, mis-, non-, over-, pre-, pro-, re-, semi-, sub-, super-, trans-, un-, under-
Suffixes: -able, -al, -d, -ed, -en, -er, -est, -ful, -ible, -ily, -ing, -ion, -less, -ly, -ness, -ous, -ty, -y

Root Words: Able, act, active, air, agree, appear, attract, bright, caution, care, circle, clean, code, comfort, day, do, dog, fiction, fix, freeze, flex, gold, hale, hand, joy, lead, legal, look, marine, perfect, person, place, play, poison, port, poss, possib, sea, sense, sens, sleep, star, show, spot, usu, usual, vis, vent, work


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