Social Stories: Grooming Social Story Starter Kit

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Social Stories are an evidence-based practice that allow parents and professionals to meaningfully exchange communication with individuals who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. Created by Carol Gray, Social Stories are designed to describe a child’s environment from their personal point of view to help ensure positive social engagements.

This material features the following Social Stories:

  • “I Can Brush My Teeth”
  • “I Can Get My Hair Cut”
  • “I Can Get My Nails Cut”

Through these materials, parents and clinicians are provided with the foundation of a Social Story that may be uniquely personalized with pictures and fill-in-the-blanks. All story text is written in a way that describes more than directs and uses encouraging language throughout.

Multiple story versions are included within to represent the diversity of your clients.

Stories are broken into half-sheets of paper and are approximately 5 to 7 pages long.


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