Social Story: I Will Use Kind Hands!

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Social Stories




It is important to establish early on that hitting, pushing, or pinching others is not appropriate. This social story explains the consequences of these actions, and offers alternative ways to express frustration. Purchase this social story and use it with multiple children! The pdf file includes 8 different versions of the same social story to show different ethnicities.

Some parts of the story:

  1. I love my friends and family, and they love me very much!
  2. There are many ways to show them I love them. I can… (hug, kiss, say nice things, give small gifts)
  3. Sometimes when I’m frustrated, I will pinch, hit, or push other people. This can hurt other people very badly, and hurts their feelings too. 
  4. It is okay to feel frustrated, but it is not nice to pinch, hit, or push others.

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