Articulation Story Collection – Practice Plosives with Six Stories!

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TMV’s Speech Therapy Articulation Story Collection features six stories that uniquely target plosive sounds, /p/, /b/, /t/, /d/, /k/, and /g/  in initial position. This collection is ideal for in-session work but may also be used in many other ways such as home practice.

What’s Included?

The following articulation stories are included within:

  • Pete the Pony’s Birthday Party
  • Billy’s Big Bike Adventure
  • Teddy the Tiger
  • Debbie’s Day Downtown
  • Karen’s Kindergarten Show and Tell
  • 20 Goofy Gumballs

All stories include a variety of wh- questions that prompt children to answer using their best speech. Questions were written in a format that reinforces the targeted phoneme throughout the story (e.g., Who had a birthday party?) Additionally, the stories, “Teddy the Tiger” and “20 Goofy Gumballs” feature a unique rhyme pattern that allows children to improve phonological awareness.

How to Prepare and Use?

Print the desired story of your choice. Laminate for long-term use. Articulation stories may be used as a warm-up listening activity (e.g., build a token tower – add one token every time you hear your special speech sound!) They may also be read out loud by the clinician or client. Clinicians may use the wh- questions found within each story to prompt articulation trials and/or practice story comprehension.


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