My Mouth Just Won’t Listen (Story on Stuttering)

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Short Story, Speech Therapy, Activities, Fluency




This is a story for clients and children who experience stuttering.
The purpose of this book is to create a positive outlook on stuttering, as well as to provide an entertaining story about being confident in yourself.

A little boy is frustrated that his mouth won’t listen to him, and for the different ways that it stutters. However, he remembers that his mouth helps him to do a lot of positive things – such as communicate and enjoy his favorite foods. This reminder helps him to feel much better about himself and his stutter.


“My mouth has a mind of its own
I don’t know what to do.” (page 1)

“I stop and I start and
breathe and restart,
but my mouth and I are two.” (page 2-3)

“It sticks and it stops and it hobbles and hops,
it tumbles and stumbles and fumbles and drops.” (page 4)

“My speech therapist helps my words be less bumpy.
She helps my mouth listen and my speech be less jumpy!” (page 19)

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