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Occupational Therapy, Activities, Fine Motor, Speech Therapy, Activities, Articulation, Language, Social Communication




Decorate a scene with cut-out items! This activity includes 10 indoors and outdoor scenes, and multiple objects to cut out for each scene.

  • Practice preposition use by modeling language, asking where object cards are, and directing your client or child to place object cards in specific locations (e.g., “The cheese is in the fridge.” “Let’s put the chair on the floor!” “Where is the pig?“).
  • Practice requests by modeling language and prompting your client or child to request object cards (e.g., “Please give me the car!” “Can I have the cow?” “Fish please!“).
  • Practice commands by directing your client or child to place object cards in specific locations (e.g., “Put the toothbrush on the sink” “Hide the bear” “Place the watermelon in the fridge”).
  • Practice categorization by asking your client or child which object cards belong where (“Which room does the toilet go in?” “Where does the horse go?” “What can we put in the classroom?“).

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